Mental Health

Trauma Counseling

The Bridge provides essential counseling services for the young women in our community, as many of them have experienced trauma and neglect. Our program is designed to help women heal from these hurts by meeting one-on-one with a psychologist. The counseling is supported by our home visit program to provide better insights about the girls’ home environments and opportunities for one-on-one ministry. Our psychologist counsels nearly 40 women and hosts up to 3 group sessions each month.

Home Visits

In order to promote discipleship and investment, The Bridge Home Visit program travels far and wide to go to the homes of all participants monthly. The visits include an evaluation on the conditions of the home, children, food insecurity, and mental and physical health. These visits provide an opportunity to build deeper relationships with our community and to connect those in need to our programs and resources. Our home visit team reached approximately 175 homes each month.

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