Prayer Partners

One of the best gifts you can give to our Haitian friends is your intentional prayer. Please join our team in praying for real, personal needs that emerge as our ministry grows deeper. Your prayers make lasting impact in those whom God Almighty sets before us.

“God has placed his power on The Bridge and we believe one of the reasons is because so many Americans are joining in prayer. When people come to our Bible Studies they feel joy, peace, safe, and loved. We know it’s because God has placed his power here to impact those people. Many in our community have said, ‘we don’t know how much we are doing, it is more than we realize.’ We thank God for that because we know it’s answered prayers.”

— Ritha Antione (Co-Founder, Haitian Director, Visionary)

“Becoming a prayer partner for The Bridge has been such a blessing in my life. Partnering in prayer with each other unites our spirits in ways that transcends nations, color and culture. I can’t be with my precious friends physically but I know that when we lift them up to God’s throne, He hears and answers!  What a blessed privilege we are given.”

Prayer Partner
“I am the least disciplined person I know, but every Tuesday morning I pray with The Bridge leadership and other loved ones. As I listen to Ritha and Fedner worship and praise God in Creole, I am keenly aware of God’s presence. Each week as the Spirit moves among us I am grateful and honored to be a small part of this ministry in Gressier.”
Prayer Partner


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