Continuing Education

School Sponsorship

At The Bridge, we know that education is an equalizer. Our network of schools gives hope and opportunity to young women to pursue high school and trade school when they may not otherwise have the opportunity while supporting the existing education system. All the girls in our sponsorship program maintain high academic achievement while receiving resources from The Bridge’s programming. We currently have over 30 young women receiving school sponsorships.

Adult Literacy

Adult Literacy class is provided twice weekly for those in our community who cannot read or write in Haitian Creole. Each student is provided with materials and lessons to learn how to read and how to write. Students use the Bible and scripture to help them grow in both their literacy skills and also grow in their faith and relationship with Christ. By developing literacy skills, we believe our community is able to participate more fully in our bible study and in their churches. We believe that being able to read and write creates confidence in our participants that allows them to live dignified lives. Our Adult Literacy class instructs around 40 women each month.

Community English

Community English classes are held each week before our Saturday Bible Study. The opportunity to speak English opens many doors for Haitians for work and for travel. Our community English class hosts approximately 90 students each week.

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