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We believe that every person is created in God’s image and deserves a full and dignified life. Inadequate livelihoods, education, and social structures in Haiti have hindered the well-being of families and communities, prompting us to act in accordance with our faith. The Bridge Haiti works to transform the community by caring for individual lives and needs. We are committed to the development of our community through discipleship, education, and investment. Our approach is led, managed and operated by Haitians who work to identify their community’s greatest needs and greatest strengths. By empowering local leaders, we believe that we will transform the nation of Haiti.

The heart of our work is that the church of God is not a building but a fellowship, living out the Gospel through service, worship, words, and actions. Our four areas of programming (Spiritual Development, Continued Education, Mental Health, and Emergency Services) are designed to share the love of Christ in order to change lives and develop disciples.

2023 Annual Report

3 Years by the Numbers

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In our beginning years of ministry we are proud to have achieved lower administration cost percentages than many other young organizations. We will strive to continue on this path as we grow and develop.

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